BucketBarrow System

Innovation for Your Home and Work Environment

Load, move and unload materials and equipment Safer, Easier and Faster with the patented BucketBarrow System. This world first technology integrates four strengthened buckets and one multipurpose scoop into a quality tough built wheelbarrow enabling you to customize your BucketBarrow System to your individual job requirements.

Safer Material Loading

BucketBarrows improve upon the traditional wheelbarrow with toughened build, narrow width and large load volume capacity.

Utilise and load your BucketBarrow like a traditional wheelbarrow or add and remove the BucketBarrow Buckets and Scoop to enable easy access and load collection in small, hard to reach work spaces and multilevel sites.

If your BucketBarrow wheelbarrow cannot reach a work space, your Buckets and Scoop can. Load your individual Buckets and the Scoop, then return and place them in the BucketBarrow for fast and easy movement to your required location.

Easier Load Management

Utilise and customise your BucketBarrow system by adding and removing the Buckets and Scoop to sort, separate and manage a range of different materials and tools.

BucketBarrow Buckets and Scoop also enable you to separate material loads into smaller, easier to manage quantities for improved load balance and lifting.

Faster Load Movement

Utilise the BucketBarrow system to load and unload materials quickly.

Use individual Buckets and Scoop to move materials over and around obstacles then place them in your BucketBarrow for easy movement around your work area.

Accurate Load Placement

Quickly and efficiently unload and accurately place materials with your Buckets and Scoop.

The BucketBarrow System is ideal for safely distributing and unloading materials in narrow, hard to access and multilevel sites.


Your toughest jobs achieved Safer, Easier and Faster with the BucketBarrow System…… Learn more