PRO130  BucketBarrow System

Innovation That’s Built Trade Tough

Your toughest jobs are achieved Safer, Easier and Faster with the patented, practical innovation of the BucketBarrow System.

The PRO130 BucketBarrow System is the first to integrate a multipurpose 20 litre Scoop and four strong 20 litre Buckets into a PRO130 trade tough wheelbarrow for optimal material loading, unloading, movement and placement in heavy duty environments. Purpose built to customise to your individual job requirements the BucketBarrow System delivers reliability, durability and maximum functionality. Adding extra PRO130 Buckets and Scoops further tailors your BucketBarrow System for increased productivity on your worksite.

Build Your BucketBarrow System…

PRO130 Wheelbarrow

Built for You
PRO130’s trade tough, heavy duty design excels in building and construction, industrial, landscaping, agricultural, animal care and horticultural environments.

Built for Large Loads
Easily and comfortably move large loads with the 130 litre volume tray and a reinforced heavy duty frame that is the same length and width as a traditional 100 litre wheelbarrow.

Built for Strength
PRO130’s reinforced, boltless, waterproof 6mm thick poly tray with integrated shock board provides extra durability in tough working conditions. Large flat tray surface enables accurate material loading and unloading, maximum load stacking capacity and easy cleaning. Strengthened slam bracket absorbs impact and protects the front of the tray when the PRO130 is tipped forward.

Built for Stability
PRO130’s low centre of gravity enables effective movement of large volumes of materials around the work site. Its broad footprint provides excellent stability for safe and efficient material loading and unloading. Comfort moulded, slip resistant hand grips enable controlled load movement and handling in tough site conditions.

PRO130  Wheelbarrow Specifications

Wheelbarrow Large volume tray and reinforced heavy duty frame
Tray 130 litre boltless 6mm thick UV treated premium polypropylene
Tray mounts 6 x M8 bolts mounted through 12 x 8mm heavy duty tabs
Shock board Integrated within the tray with strengthened ribbing
Under tray braces 2 x 32mm powder-coated tubular steel
Front slam bracket 4mm powder-coated steel plate
Handles 60 x 35mm powder-coated steel section
Sub-frame 32mm heavy duty fully welded powder-coated tubular steel
Hand grips Comfort moulded non-slip
Tyre 400 x 140mm heavy duty 4 ply pneumatic tough tread
Rim Powder-coated fully welded steel rim with a 25mm steel axle
Bearings Heavy duty stainless steel
Max load rating 200kg
Product weight 26kg
Retail box size 1010mm height x 680mm width x 370mm depth

Add Your 20 Litre PRO130  Scoop
Site Work Sorted
Carry, pour and place materials quickly and safely with the multipurpose PRO130 Scoop. It’s large 20 litre volume integrates accurately into the PRO130 tray with load weight supported over the wheel for improved balance and carry capacity.

Maximum Functionality
PRO130 Scoop’s strengthened wide mouth, aluminium blade edge and comfort moulded hand grip forms an ideal hand shovel for effective material collection, movement and distribution. PRO130 Scoop can also locate securely onto the rear handles of the PRO130 providing an ideal equipment caddy that maximises wheelbarrow carry capacity.

Quick and Easy Clean Up
PRO130 Scoop is a strong and effective dustpan with two rear foot platforms for stability when collecting materials.

PRO130  Scoop Specifications

Volume 20 litre
Material thickness 3.0mm premium polypropylene strengthened with extra ribbing
Handle Comfort moulded main hand grip plus secondary grab handle
Scoop mouth Strengthened with integrated heavy duty aluminum blade

Add Your 20 Litre PRO130  Buckets
Manage Materials With Ease
PRO130 Buckets are square profile, 20lt trade tough buckets that integrate easily into the PRO130 tray for safe and fast material management, movement and distribution.

Built To Last
3mm thick PRO130 Buckets are reinforced with additional ribbing for durability in tough work conditions. Internal and external litre markings and rounded corners enable accurate material measurement, mixing and pouring. 6mm hardened steel handles with comfort moulded hand grips ensure efficient load carrying.

Stack, Store and Save Time
Utilise additional PRO130 Buckets to quickly and safely sort, move, measure and place materials for maximum work site productivity. PRO130 Buckets feature top mounted handles for easy access and conveniently stack and store on site and in work vehicles.

PRO130  Bucket Specifications

Volume 20 litre volume with internal and external litre markings
Material thickness 3.0mm premium polypropylene strengthened with extra ribbing
Handle 6mm zinc coated steel wire with comfort moulded hand grip

Your heavy duty jobs are achieved Safer, Easier and Faster
with the BucketBarrow System….. Learn more